Marvelous Meatball Stroganoff |The Gluten-Free Instant Pot Cookbook

I grew up watching my family cook food in pressure cookers. And I have used one all my life. For my mom, it was a very helpful tool in getting breakfast and lunch cooked and packed away before she left for work early morning, which was usually by 8 a.m. And it was instrumental in getting dinner ready on the table in a jiffy after she got home from work. She had an arsenal of those from the smallest one of a one liter size to a large one of 15 liters and she used them all. She would keep …


Instant Pot Butter Chicken with Karma And The Art Of Butter Chicken

Instant pot Butter Chicken

Book Review :- Karma And The Art of Butter Chicken *Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary  e-copy of Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken from the author, Monica for the purpose of reviewing it. Opinions are my own. I received no further compensation for this post.  .. .. ..  . . . What does it mean to be charitable? How does one find their happiness? Is everything that happens to us, our destiny? Or do the choices we make shape our destiny? How does one emerge from the shadows of a painful past? Or does one ever emerge from the shadows …


Tequila Lime Chicken Wings

Tequila lime chicken wings

Before I get on with the Tequila lime chicken wings, allow me to start this post with a fun memory of my Dad. When we moved to the US, a little under a decade ago, my daughter missed family back home. So she would call up her grandparents – my parents, and talk to them. They talked for hours and she would give them glimpses of life she was adjusting to.   One day I get a frantic call from my Dad after my daughter hung up the phone. He wanted to know “what does buffalo wings mean”!! He really …


Chicken Satay

There are some dishes that open your senses to the possibilities of an adventurous and pleasing relationship with a new cuisine. The Malaysian chicken Satay is one of those dishes. Eating Satay in Malaysia or Singapore is an experience in itself, one that I was fortunate enough to be part of a long time ago. It was my first introduction to the Malaysian cuisine and street food and I was hooked. The most interesting lesson was how to order the satay. Here I was sitting with a bunch of locals, drinking some beer on the patio of a restaurant and …


Cornish Hens with Zereshk Berries

Vacations recharge your energy and guide your path to what you seek. They take your mind off mundane things and help you see them with new eyes. Vacations make you do things outside your comfort zone and make you wonder why you never did anything like this before. They make you alive again. The best thing I like about vacations is how much they make me yearn for home. A week in a hotel is usually enough to make me appreciate how comfortable my bed back home is. Though the daily housekeeping service is something I would like to take …


Chicken Xacuti

  Goa – the land of the Vindaloo and cashew Fenny and fish curries, abundant sea food and just the place for a perfect beach vacation. It was on one such idyllic vacation, more than a decade and a half ago that I discovered Goan Cuisine. As a young and inexperienced tourist (not traveller) my plan was to see all the places everyone thought I should see and check them off the list. I did see the places and take in the sights in a rather touristy manner, I however stumbled upon Goan cuisine on the Baga Beach and was …