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I am a classically trained chef, wine enthusiast, and a chef Instructor.  I enjoy cooking food from around the world using traditional techniques, fresh ingredients and robust flavors. I specialize in incorporating wholesome ingredients in everyday meals  with the occasional sweet treats.  But let’s start from the beginning.

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a chef. In fact, until a decade ago, I only cooked when I was expecting company at home. I always loved to cook and try out different cuisines but it wasn’t something I did everyday.

Then I moved to the US from India. I took a break from the corporate world and decided to immerse myself in my adopted country through travel, music and food. But the more I explored new cuisines and cultures, the more I longed for the home I had left behind. Homesickness is funny. It is miraculously reduced by a meal cooked just like mom’s.

It was then that I started the blog, to document my memories of food from home and to make a home away from home. To bring together my two worlds, I took notes on phone from my Mom, who was an exceptional cook; from my Dad who had an exceptional palate, and from my Grandma who was instrumental in teaching me the ins and outs of cooking.

And thus, started a journey to learn about food from around the world. I taught myself to bake and decorate cakes. I learned the art of pastry and tested recipes on my friends and family. And made them wash dishes in return. I am mean like that!

I got to a point where just following a recipe wasn’t enough. I needed to know the hows and whys of cooking. So I  got a formal culinary training in food and wine which eventually got me to my current job profile as a chef Instructor.

This blog has been an on and off thing since the last few years. It started as a tool to keep connected to my roots.  Now this is a medium for me to share, teach and talk about hows and whys of  cooking and baking.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my lovely husband who also has the night dishwasher duties and my teen who gets to taste test all the sweet chocolatey stuff and is the only person in the world allowed to say that she didn’t like it!