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  • Q : How do you order paleo food while on vacation without being a diva about it and without making a fuss ? 
A : know your dishes and ingredients they are made with and simply ask not to add those that are problematic for you.. I stayed away from anything oyster sauce related food in Thailand because most of the sauces have gluten it them. But bring on a steamed fish with garlic and chillies and you are golden. Even if I tried I couldn't have explained gluten free, grain free etc in my two words of the Thai language. Do your research beforehand and have a good time.

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  • Doors - you open some, you close some.
Some get opened for you and some close on you. But they are a constant and hence my fascination with them.  Do you think this door is open or closed ?
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  • Centuries ago these halls carried incense filled air and prayers to God. The holy ground may not be in its former glory but it's no less magical. 
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  • What's your most favourite thing to do while on a vacation ? Tell me in comments. 
I want to drink my weight in coconut water. Fresh coconut water, creamy coconut, sea breeze and a sleepy little town. I love tranquil vacations. 
Scarf by @pinz79 . Thanks darling ! I love it so much. 
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