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  • Doors - you open some, you close some.
Some get opened for you and some close on you. But they are a constant and hence my fascination with them.  Do you think this door is open or closed ?
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  • Centuries ago these halls carried incense filled air and prayers to God. The holy ground may not be in its former glory but it's no less magical. 
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  • What's your most favourite thing to do while on a vacation ? Tell me in comments. 
I want to drink my weight in coconut water. Fresh coconut water, creamy coconut, sea breeze and a sleepy little town. I love tranquil vacations. 
Scarf by @pinz79 . Thanks darling ! I love it so much. 
#dreamvacation #vacationmode #freshproduce #coconutwater #livehealthy #paleotravel #eatpaleo #eatdrinkpaleo
  • To truly experience a place, they say you have to let it hit all your senses. 
In the underbelly of Bangkok's Chinatown, the place where the street food vendors live, shop and prep; I was in tears one moment and laughing loud the next. People,  Real people,  can do that to you. I have nothing glamorous to show you from Bangkok. There is plenty of that on the internet. I wanted to see what makes Bangkok pulsate the way it does. And the answer is in the deep dark alleys, and in the people who work hard, long and with smiles and Swatdi kha.

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