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  • Tree to the rock, thanks for being in my way. I grew stronger, deeper, untamed. 
Me to life, you gave me more challenges than many, and that makes me who I am.. Stronger, untamed, unapologetic. .
.#Colorado #mountains #tree #rockymountainnationalpark #mindfulmonday
  • When you want to go down and dirty on #paleo diet. 
Let me be honest. I eat Paleoish because I have an inflammatory response to gluten, grains and sugar. Which means most fruits are out as well. I do a bit of dairy once a while because.. Cheese. 
I have managed to get off my blood pressure medication because of eating paleo and adding foods and supplements to my diet to aid lowering blood pressure. 
However, it can get boring..when you can't cheat once a while. .
.so presenting the paleo cheat meal. Yukka Empanadas filled with ground #coloradolamb . Spiced up with a jalapeno cilantro salsa on the side. Fried in avocado oil, these were everything I imagined a sultry cheat day to be. Recipe on my blog.
#paleodiet #healthycheat #lovepaleo
  • Fall is here. Bring out the soups, spices and cozy blankets.
#autumn #fallcolors #fallweather #colorfulcolorado #gettinghealthyagain #walkforhealth
  • Delightful sushi lunch. I mean I ate it all. Super fresh. 
#denverfoodie #denverrestaurants #sushiindenver #sushisashimi @sushi.sasa.denver #freshseafood #paleofriendly

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