Pan Seared Salmon and Asparagus with Mojo Verde

Pan Seared Salmon and Asparagus with Mojo Verde

Pan Seared Salmon and Asparagus with Mojo Verde : one pan, one pot, one blender jar ! Think you can handle cleaning that up? If you said yes, then read on. There are possibly a billion recipes on the internet for  Pan Seared Salmon and Asparagus. After all, salmon is best served pan seared and asparagus is the obvious choice of side. So you may wonder what is special about this recipe that I chose to share it on my blog. Well, first off – the sauce. Mojo verde.  Lush green, smooth, garlicky with a shimmer of olive oil. It …


Methi Machli – Fish with Fenugreek Sauce

Would you believe me if I told you that until the age of 19, I didn’t eat things that were not from the Kashmiri Cuisine? And if I ever did, I ended up not liking them. So much so that when my ex boyfriend insisted that I should widen my food horizons and try some Tibetian food, I broke up with him. Not because it was Tibetian food, but because I don’t like being told what to do and because it was Tibetian food. You get the drift! So how did that girl turn into someone who not only eats …

Shrimp with Cauliflower

Cumin and Nigella scented shrimp with cauliflower – A Bengali cuisine inspired dish.


Chilka Fishermen’s Prawn Curry

It’s officially the Football Season. Yes, there is Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Footfall season. Fall in colorado is much hyped and short lived. Winter I don’t really look forward to. You didn’t think I was the “weekends in the snow capped mountains skiing types”, now did you? No, I am far from it. I don’t hate it, but let’s just say waking up to the possibility of shoveling snow away from the driveway is not on my bucket list. Never was. I do like Spring and Summer. But I like the Football season more. It is the season when …


Shrimp with Banana Flowers – Mocha Chingri & A Bengali Love Affair

  The early morning breeze from the open window was cool and nurturing, almost like a mother’s touch. The gentle wind was carrying with it a sweet and melodious voice of someone singing. I could not understand the lyrics of the song, yet I felt connected to the music and the voice. It was my first brush with a city named Kolkatta and its people. And on that morning began my life-long love affair for the culture, people and food of West Bengal. My stay in and around Kolkatta was a short one, but I was enriched with music, art …


Grilled Herb Shrimp – Ina Garten Fridays

  Ina Garten  – The woman who rekindled my passion for cooking.  It was a very boring rainy afternoon in the Keystone  resort.  Boring because it was almost fall but not quite the colorful fall, it was not winter yet and we were at a ski resort doing nothing because it was raining with lightening and thunderstorms.  With the kid being a tiny elementary schooler then, who religiously fell asleep at nap times, I had nothing better to do than flip the TV on and watch something, anything.  This story is from when I first moved to the US and TV as a ritualistic watching …