Tamarind Margarita

Tamarind Margarita with mint in clay galsses

A quick hello from India with this Tamarind Margarita. I have been mostly offline because I am visiting family. I don’t get to see and meet my family all that often. So this was a time to bond with my sweet nieces and nephews and meet my grandmom. To make a dish with the progressive eats for Cinco de mayo Fiesta sounds fitting from here. I am surrounded by everyone I love. Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage in the US and the thing I love most about Mexican culture is that it …


Black Magic Martini

Black Magic Martini

They say that change is the only constant in life. Sometimes you see it happen, other times you look back and wonder, “when did THAT happen”! Over the years, our fall and Halloween traditions have changed. I still remember my first Halloween in America, some 10 years ago. Um.. Let’s just say I had to google it after the class teacher sent a list of what Halloween stuff was allowed in school for my then 8 year old. Not only did we learn about customs and traditions and Trick Or Treat, we also learned about decorating the home for Halloween …


Red White Blue Pina Colada

Red White Blue Pina Colada

  “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” –Albert Camus America! Some people love us; some people loathe us; some people hate our guts but mostly everyone is in awe of us. It’s the very essence of our nation to be free, to value individualism, to respect others point of view especially when we may not agree with them, to defend those who cannot stand up for themselves and to fight for freedom constantly. I started being an American when I started being …


Matcha Pisco – Green Tea Cocktail

Matcha Pisco - green tea cocktail

It is Progressive Eats time and Heather, our host for the month had “tea” as the theme. I simply love matcha tea and hence keep needing reasons to use it every day other than just as tea. I was having a hard time to choose just one recipe to share today. So you know what that means, more matcha tea recipes coming your way. So, what is matcha exactly? Matcha is a finely ground green tea. But it is not just any green tea. The noble varietals of the matcha tea are samidori, okumidori, and yabukita . And the very best matcha, is …


Kiwano Ginger Martini #Sprouts

Sponsored Post :- This post is sponsored by #Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  If you want to check out a few of their amazing recipes visit their website.  All opinions are my own. Here is a puzzle for you. What is Slimy green inside, has seeds like cucumber, tastes like kiwi and cucumber together, has horns and a bright sunset yellow garb? The Kiwano Melon. It has its origins in Kalahari, Africa, where it grows wild. The cultivated horn melon usually comes from New Zealand or California. You may or may not find the kiwano melon in your neighborhood grocery store, but …


Brandy Avondale

    Ski Adventure, friends, crackling fireplace, cozy blankets, board games and lot of laughter. Add in the food and drinks that our Progressive Eats Blogger friends have brought to the party and you may never want to go back to the plains or wherever it is that non mountain people live. This month’s theme for the Progressive Eats dinner was “Weekend Ski Party” and since I live in Ski Country I thought it would be nice to have some decadent drink to get the party going.   I must mention though, that some people find it interesting that I …