Yukka Empanadas With Jalapeño Cilantro Salsa

Paleo Yukka Empanadas

Empanadas – there are just so many kinds that it will take a long time to work your way through the infinite styles and various combinations of doughs and fillings. Some have a yeasted dough, some are flaky pastry style, some made with corn and some with yukka or plantains. Some have a meaty filling, some are vegetarian and some sweet . No matter the style of starchy crispy exterior  and the choice of filling inside, empanadas are a perfect two bite size food. Ok may be four bites if you are a lady and eat like one too. I …


Spicy Lamb Cobbler

Spicy Lamb Cobbler

Saint Patrick’s Day in the United states is a celebration of the Irish American culture and has been celebrated since late 18th century. The holiday is both religious and festive and all Americans celebrate it. I celebrate it the way I know best – with food. And this month the Progressive Eats group of bloggers have come together to make your St Patrick’s day celebration meals a fun and yummy event. I made this spicy lamb cobbler and I know that I am going to be making it again for St. Patricks day celebration because the family loved it. There is …


Lamb Chelo Kebab

Lamb Chelo Kebab

Thinking about Persian food brings to mind the dazzling sabzi khordan, array of kebabs, magnificent naans & pilafs and also the saffron, pistachios, rose petals & rose water, preserved limes and barberries. I grew up in a house where Persian was just as common a language as Urdu, Kashmiri and English. Persian poetry couplets were interspersed into everyday talking and it was just a normal way of having a conversation. The Persian influence in Kashmir is not limited to arts, architecture and language. It also has been a huge influence on the food in the valley of Kashmir. This could …


Lamb and Fresh Plum Tagine

The first time I cooked some green apples in a savory dish with aubergines, my husband looked at the dish with some trepidation. He is usually a sport and enjoys eating new things. But a cooked apple in a savory form was not something he had imagined. A chutney may be, but a whole main dish? It was his first introduction to Kashmiri Vegetarian food. He prefers vegetarian food. But this was him trusting me and taking a leap of faith and trying out something completely new. And he was hooked. It is a dish he now requests often. Cooking …


Kashmiri Kabargah – Fried Lamb Ribs

As I sit to write this post, I am feeling nostalgic. Kabargah is a dish that features in all our major celebrations and as we have established by now, all our celebrations begin and end with food as the main focus.  More than a couple of decades ago, when Kashmir was still the peaceful paradise, and I was still a child with a bright future and so much potential ( or so my parents thought), major celebrations in Kashmir were celebrated very traditionally.  I would look forward to these celebrations or ‘saal’ as we call them. Saal means an invitation …


Marchwangan Korma – Kashmiri Mutton

  We were having a fiery discussion, my friend and I.  You know those kinds that begin casually over a topic as random as what size dress Kareena Kapoor wears but end up in a discussion about new age technology or Cricket and you forget what you were discussing in between. But you still want to showcase your oratory skills and never pause for breath because if you did, the others would take over and then you would be at the listening end, which you of course don’t want because if you won’t speak the world will be deprived of …