Chole Aloo – Chickpeas & Potatoes

Chole Aloo - Chickpeas & Potatoes

Sundays. They were the best. Sundays meant no school, no waking up early to buy bread, and a lavish breakfast made by mom. Not all Sundays featured breakfast made by mom. We (my siblings and I), lived with our grandparents as Dad’s job took him to remote places which did not usually have good schools. But some Sundays, when mom and dad were visiting, were deliciously divine. They would start with the whiff of aromatic Kehwa being brewed.  We would land in the kitchen for a cuppa. And hover around to see what was being cooked for the special breakfast. …

Quinoa Black Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash

  A couple of weeks back, I bought small acorn squash to recreate a recipe from one of my favorite restaurants for stuffed squash.  I have eaten the dish so many times that I felt it was only proper to make a cheat recipe. Then, as luck would have it, the influenza struck and took me on a spin. The last year has been that kind of a year – where I have been more in the house than out because of health or injuries. At times it felt like I was not going to catch a break. EVER! But it …

Gujarati Dal

A characteristic sweet, tart and spicy flavor is reflective of the traditional Gujarati cuisine. And the Gujarati dal is a representation of the food from Gujarat.

Dal Makhni – Buttery lentils

    They saw each other from a distance, walking a gentle walk on the terrace of their own homes.  Their eyes met and that was all it took to ignite a lifelong passion.  It all started one monsoon evening, in a small city called Chandigarh, in India.  There were two of them. One was young, restless and ready to take on the world.  The other was gentle, kind and had seen the world.  And they met on that fine monsoon evening. It is because of their meeting, my dears, that you are getting to read this story and have …

Punjabi Chole

Chole – A classic dish from the Northern regions of India, especially Punjab, Delhi and Haryana, the taste of which lingers on