Tequila Lime Chicken Wings

Tequila lime chicken wings

Before I get on with the Tequila lime chicken wings, allow me to start this post with a fun memory of my Dad. When we moved to the US, a little under a decade ago, my daughter missed family back home. So she would call up her grandparents – my parents, and talk to them. They talked for hours and she would give them glimpses of life she was adjusting to.   One day I get a frantic call from my Dad after my daughter hung up the phone. He wanted to know “what does buffalo wings mean”!! He really …


Tsunth Monji – Green Apple Fritters

Tsunth Monji - Green Apple Fritters

I have been waiting for this month’s Progressive Eats party day to arrive with bated breath! And it’s because I am sharing a dish from Kashmir that is virtually unknown to those who did not grow up there. It’s not a main stream dish in the sense that when I was growing up this was saved for and served on a very special occasion – Lord Krishna’s Birthday. In most Hindu families this was a dish served on the day of fasting (feasting). Although you abstain from eating grains, meats, and most vegetables – fruits are allowed and why not! …


Galouti Kebab – Melt in the Mouth Kebab

Kebabs or Kebobs have captured the imagination of the entire world. The taste of meat, marinated with herbs and/or spices and grilled on fire pits, ovens or in tandoors is not something one can forget easily. Add to that, the numerous ways kebabs are made – cut into cubes and skewered, minced and made into patties, cooked in a tandoor or on open fire, and in case of Doner Kebabs/ Shwarma, sliced meat is cooked on a rotating spit.  Since the method of cooking is rather fast and over high heat, most kebabs have a prolonged marination with spices, natural acids …


Tarte á l’Oignon – French Onion Tart

  When the theme for April’s Progressive eats was announced, I imagined myself making a Dacquoise or a Mille-feuille. Having already made the Gateau Opera a few dozen times and enjoyed the Croquembouche challenge with Jenni, I was ready to make a switch and make something else. The decadent Dacqupiose was tempting me. But then I thought, I do need to go out of my comfort zone and make something new and something that showcases the sublime beauty of regional French Cuisine.   I am really proud of the Tarte á l’Oignon – French Onion Tart. You may ask why. After …


Chicken Satay

There are some dishes that open your senses to the possibilities of an adventurous and pleasing relationship with a new cuisine. The Malaysian chicken Satay is one of those dishes. Eating Satay in Malaysia or Singapore is an experience in itself, one that I was fortunate enough to be part of a long time ago. It was my first introduction to the Malaysian cuisine and street food and I was hooked.   The most interesting lesson was how to order the satay. Here I was sitting with a bunch of locals, drinking some beer on the patio of a restaurant …


Herbed Labneh

What the world knows as Labneh, I grew up knowing as Chakka which, simply put was strained yogurt cheese. It used to be a really nice treat in my school lunch box, smothered between two flatbreads with a pinch of salt and spice. The tangy, refreshing taste of the cheese with the hot smoky spices and the chewy bread was quite delightful. I used to look forward to lunch on those days, though ironically this was something my grandmother would pack me because she didn’t have time to cook an elaborate lunch. It was simple, it was humble but it …