Punjabi Samosa

Punjabi Samosa

Punjabi Samosa, the potato and peas filled savory pastry that is deep fried to a golden crisp and is served with lip-smacking chutneys. Just the mention of the word Punjabi samosa invokes memories of a gatherings with friends after college, huddled next to a large kadai filled with samosas being fried up. It was a ritual, to grab some chai and samosa – much like kids these get their Starbucks or a frozen yogurt. Although the samosa did not originate in India, we sure have put our twists on it to make it very Indian. There is an entire family …


Tequila Lime Chicken Wings

Tequila lime chicken wings

Before I get on with the Tequila lime chicken wings, allow me to start this post with a fun memory of my Dad. When we moved to the US, a little under a decade ago, my daughter missed family back home. So she would call up her grandparents – my parents, and talk to them. They talked for hours and she would give them glimpses of life she was adjusting to.   One day I get a frantic call from my Dad after my daughter hung up the phone. He wanted to know “what does buffalo wings mean”!! He really …


Tsunth Monji – Green Apple Fritters

Tsunth Monji - Green Apple Fritters

I have been waiting for this month’s Progressive Eats party day to arrive with bated breath! And it’s because I am sharing a dish from Kashmir that is virtually unknown to those who did not grow up there. It’s not a main stream dish in the sense that when I was growing up this was saved for and served on a very special occasion – Lord Krishna’s Birthday. In most Hindu families this was a dish served on the day of fasting (feasting). Although you abstain from eating grains, meats, and most vegetables – fruits are allowed and why not! …


Galouti Kebab – Melt in the Mouth Kebab

Kebabs or Kebobs have captured the imagination of the entire world. The taste of meat, marinated with herbs and/or spices and grilled on fire pits, ovens or in tandoors is not something one can forget easily. Add to that, the numerous ways kebabs are made – cut into cubes and skewered, minced and made into patties, cooked in a tandoor or on open fire, and in case of Doner Kebabs/ Shwarma, sliced meat is cooked on a rotating spit.  Since the method of cooking is rather fast and over high heat, most kebabs have a prolonged marination with spices, natural acids …


Tarte á l’Oignon – French Onion Tart

  When the theme for April’s Progressive eats was announced, I imagined myself making a Dacquoise or a Mille-feuille. Having already made the Gateau Opera a few dozen times and enjoyed the Croquembouche challenge with Jenni, I was ready to make a switch and make something else. The decadent Dacqupiose was tempting me. But then I thought, I do need to go out of my comfort zone and make something new and something that showcases the sublime beauty of regional French Cuisine.   I am really proud of the Tarte á l’Oignon – French Onion Tart. You may ask why. After …


Chicken Satay

There are some dishes that open your senses to the possibilities of an adventurous and pleasing relationship with a new cuisine. The Malaysian chicken Satay is one of those dishes. Eating Satay in Malaysia or Singapore is an experience in itself, one that I was fortunate enough to be part of a long time ago. It was my first introduction to the Malaysian cuisine and street food and I was hooked.   The most interesting lesson was how to order the satay. Here I was sitting with a bunch of locals, drinking some beer on the patio of a restaurant …