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Hello and Welcome to Spiceroots – Sometimes quirky, usually chirpy, mostly a Spice based recipe Blog. If I am not amidst a heap of spice,  chopping, dicing or cooking,  then I spend my time baking breads and/or decorating cakes. At other times, I am busy developing menus, making meal plans and testing recipes that suddenly pop into my head. Rest Assured – I always make my “taste tester” ( Human food test subject – aka husband ) try out those “sudden” recipes and when and only when he survives the testing, I put them on the blog.
I educate ( Lecture ) people on the benefits of spice and when they don’t believe me, I sneak cinnamon into their tea.
If you chance upon some  recipes on the blog that don’t have spice, don’t panic. I must have had too much of spice or the Human test subject threatened to quit in the absence of “variety”. I assure you – those situations are temporary.

Fair warning : – If you ever feel tempted to use the content on this site, or simply “lift” photos without asking – just remember I have a larder full of spices and Ghost chillies are my favorite thing. I will douse you with those if you are tempted to “lift” ! When in doubt – just ask first.
Actually – Always ask first! I might even give you one green cardamom as a reward for asking and may be let you use the photos and content. Just May be!

Write to me at :- ansh@spiceroots.com to discuss opportunities, bounce off ideas or simply ask questions.

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  1. I just found Spice Roots and I am enjoying browsing through your blog. Is there a way I can subscribe to receive email updates? Thanks!

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  2. Hello Ansh.. I have been a secret follower of your blog and I just looooooooooooove it!! Keep up your work

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