Spiced Parmigiano Scones #CreativeCookieExchange

Spiced Parmigiano Scones

It has been a while since I baked with the creative cookies Exchange. Things have been topsy turvy these past few months including but not limited to my blog being hacked by someone to spread malicious content through a wordpress plug in. As soon as Google notified me about the hack and possible malware distribution through my blog, I took the blog offline. Then my poor husband had to work relentlessly to debug it, find the malicious virus and bring the blog back online. Once that was done, a friend of the teen landed here to stay with us. And …


Kaddu Ka Ambal – Sweet and Tart Pumpkin Curry

Kaddu Ka Ambal - Sweet and Tart Pumpkin Curry

A piece of flaky fried bread turns into a scoop as you dip it into a pipping hot bowl of pumpkin curry, the action languorous. The pumpkin pieces look plump & juicy and hold a promise of being sweet & tart, the flavors scrumptious. To the onlooker you are but eating a humble pumpkin, the thought incredulous. To the omniscient, the crescendo is just building up, the excitement palpable.   The kaddu ka ambal – sweet and tart pumpkin curry is sweet, tart, spicy, hot and is a great example of balance in flavors. An important part of the Dogra …


Tsunth Monji – Green Apple Fritters

Tsunth Monji - Green Apple Fritters

I have been waiting for this month’s Progressive Eats party day to arrive with bated breath! And it’s because I am sharing a dish from Kashmir that is virtually unknown to those who did not grow up there. It’s not a main stream dish in the sense that when I was growing up this was saved for and served on a very special occasion – Lord Krishna’s Birthday. In most Hindu families this was a dish served on the day of fasting (feasting). Although you abstain from eating grains, meats, and most vegetables – fruits are allowed and why not! …


Quinoa Black Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash

  A couple of weeks back, I bought small acorn squash to recreate a recipe from one of my favorite restaurants for stuffed squash.  I have eaten the dish so many times that I felt it was only proper to make a cheat recipe. Then, as luck would have it, the influenza struck and took me on a spin. The last year has been that kind of a year – where I have been more in the house than out because of health or injuries. At times it felt like I was not going to catch a break. EVER! But it …


Sarson Ka Saag #Meatless Monday

Sarson Ka Saag – Mustard Greens in Punjabi style is a winter time, huddle around the fireplace and eat sort of dish. Fresh from the farm Sarson Ka saag ( mustard greens) paired with Palak ( spinach) and Bathua ( chenopodium ) are slow cooked to a creamy consistency and served with freshly churned butter and hot off the griddle Makki ki Roti ( Corn Flatbreads). This is another dish that Biji of The Punjabi Chole and Dal Makhni fame taught me to cook. As long as we stayed neighbors, I would get my fix of sarson ka saag at …


Vegetable Fajitas

“Fajita. A Tex-Mex dish made from marinated, grilled skirt steak…served in a wheat tortilla. The word derives from the Spanish faja, for “girdle” or “strip” and describes the cut of meat itself.” Source —Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, John F. Mariani [Lebhar-Friedman:New York] 1999 (p. 125) Oh dear! By the above definition, my vegetable fajita stands no chance of being an original Tex Mex fajita. So, I am going to let you imagine that the portobello mushrooms in the Vegetable Fajitas are somewhat like the skirt steak.  Since I really love love love (repeating words makes the feelings come through) fajitas, I …