Lambropsomo - Greek Easter Bread #BreadBakers

Lambropsomo – Greek Easter Bread #BreadBakers

The lampropsomo is the traditional Greek Easter bread. Braided with three strings of dough that symbolize the Holy Trinity, and tucked into the dough are four red eggs that symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ. This bread is traditionally prepared with an essence makhlep, or is flavored with mastic. I used cardamom to add the […]

Coconut Caramel Samoas Bundt Cake #Bundtbakers

Coconut Caramel Samoas Bundt Cake #Bundtbakers

  A long time ago, when one of my neighbors decided to lead and manage a Girls Scouts troop, I was over the moon. Yes! You read that right! “I” was over the moon. My daughter had no idea she was going to be a Girl Scout. Her mom had made the decision that she […]

Matcha and White Chocolate Cookies #Creative Cookie Exchange

Matcha and White Chocolate Cookies #Creative Cookie Exchange

  White Chocolate- the sophisticated, velvety, luscious derivative of the cocoa powder making process is our theme this month.  Rich and fatty, ivory white and elegant looking white chocolate. I did not want to undermine its flavors by mixing it in as chips into cookies. So I thought about using it on top of a […]

Simit - Turkish Ring Bread #Breadbakers

Simit – Turkish Ring Bread #Breadbakers

Recently a friend tagged me on Facebook linking an article about Kashmiri Bread. He said he wanted to make me feel home sick. The article talked about Bagerkhani, a layered crispy bread made in a tandoor. The fact that he is a complete bread head and knows how much I love baking bread might have […]

Gado Gado - Indonesian Vegetable Salad

Gado Gado – Indonesian Vegetable Salad

Gado Gado – Indonesian vegetable salad literally means mix mix. A mix of vegetables, tofu, bean sprouts and the quintessential peanut sauce or bumbu as it is called in the local language. Traditionally the bumbu is made to order as per an individual’s preference for how hot they want the sauce to be. A mix […]