The Perfectly Boiled Egg

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Eggs! The miracle food that saves this mom on days she is not very organized. And saves her during those times when she hears the door open and the “Mom I am hungry” rather than “hey Mom Guess what!”  And on those days too when the mom wants to work the yard or sit and knit and just plain does  not want to cook.

On those days, the ever pleasant eggs come to my rescue. Don’t want to cook ? No problem. The “lil me” who is now a TerriFIC (ble) Tween can cook delicious omelets  ever since she was 7  ( you got to teach catch them young you see) and toast a slice of bread, pour herself some juice and have her fabulous meal. Unexpected guests? Boil the suckers up and throw in some tomato gravy and have your egg curry or toss into some greens and have your salad with a simple soup! The possibilities are endless and the results are always always delicious. ( the repetition of “always”  is to emphasize .. as if you didn’t get it already)

My favorite way to eat an egg is to boil it. Perfectly boil it that is. No blackish stuff on the outside of the yolk, no gooey messy yolk unless I intend it, and boiled to a soft perfection.

And it really is very simple to do.

Here is how!

Take a pan and fill it with cool tap water. Add in the eggs. Do not overcrowd. The water should cover the eggs and the eggs should have space between them .

Put it to boil on high heat. Once it starts to boil, set your kitchen timer to one and a half minutes.

When it beeps, remove from the heat source, put a lid on and wait. Or do something – like clean the kitchen again . When you have waited about 15 minutes, jump with joy! The time to enjoy the perfectly boiled eggs has finally arrived. These will be Perfect.. No dark yolk and cooked to perfection.

Shell the eggs, slice them into two, and sprinkle some salt n pepper and devour. Or make them into perfect deviled eggs.. Recipes for some sexy deviled eggs from spiceroots kitchen coming soon.

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  2. Thank you for visiting and I’m glad I’ve discovered your SpiceRoots.
    This is a great tutorial and will help demystify the secret to the perfect egg. So far, no one I know in my family and social circle uses it. As Andy says, there are so many different variations, but I know from trying that this is the best method. I’ve used it for years, (but not lately) and I think I saw it on television or in a magazine – back in the day when they were only ‘predicting’ the internet and a computer in every home. If I recall, the method I saw said ‘one to two minutes’ but I often found my average time was around 90 seconds to 3 minutes – only because I was trying to watch the second hand on the clock instead of using a timer, and I get distracted easily. I think the same reference also recommended poking a pinhole at the top, and rolling the egg back and forth a few times to center the yolk. I’ve become less meticulous as now I just crack and throw them in my noodle soup once in a while.
    I enjoyed this post, and site, and look forward to many returns.
    I hope this message finds you safe, happy and healthy.

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      Thank you for visiting and taking time out to comment. The pinhole method is mainly used to enable easy peeling of eggs. I am going to try doing that soon

  3. I know a lot of food blogs that say boil it for 7 minutes, some say one minute. how did you arrive at 1 minute 30 seconds?

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