Beetroot Parfait or raita if we may

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Beetroot Raita

  The sweetness of the beet, the gorgeous color and not to forget the amazing health benefits makes beetroot my favorite root vegetable. This recipe uses beetroot as a side dish with spicy meals. Plan: 1 medium beet root bulb 1 C yogurt 1/4 tsp white pepper powder Salt as per taste [ try to keep it mildly salted] Procedure : ( Microwave Method) Peirce the beetroot bulb all over with a sharp kitchen knife . Place in a microwave proof bowl , cover with a cling wrap. Make incisons on cling wrap, thus creating a vent for steam to …

Talith Muji chetin

Not your everyday radish preparation. This one is some notches up!

Muji Chetin

Refreshing and crunchy! This is a great balancing dish for a spicy meal.