Gateau Opera

The decadent Gateau Opera – one of those blissfully luxurious things that make the act of eating orgasmic.  A tiny forkful of indulgent chocolate, coffee, butter-cream and almond meal sponge, all together.  A mixture of rich, creamy, nutty delight and a crescendo of flavors.  You can’t help but close your eyes and savor each moment with every single bite. Gateau L’opéra is also referred to as Gâteau Clichy after Louis Clichy who is said to have first introduced the cake. Allegedly, years later, another Parisian patisserie called Dalloyau reintroduced the cake as Gâteau L’opéra after the Paris Grand Opera. Conflicting? …

Black Forest Cake

    Every time we cook, we weave a story. Most of the times, mixed in with the ingredients are memories of the food we grew up eating. Often, we want to cook a dish just like mom does, or make something just like we had eaten somewhere. Food evokes emotion. How else do you explain the pleasure at inhaling the aromas of a baking bread, the smoky goodness of ‘tadka’ from a kitchen, the desire to eat pakode when it rains or sip a ginger tea? It’s all etched in the memory and comes back at the slightest triggers. …

Fennel Pollen Apple Cake

A cake full of decadent flavor, indulgent aroma, simple goodness of honest ingredients and it tastes like home to me.  Crispy Apples & fresh smelling fennel pollen. Kashmir, the place I am from has both these in abundance and baking them in a cake was incredibly reminiscent .


Whats not to like in a dish that has chocolate, coconut and sometimes even yummy gooey cream filling? It makes me proud to say that I have been making these sinful delights for more than 10 years now and they never fail me. They taste good, look great and are not heavy as sometimes desserts can be.