Bienenstich Kuchen – Bee Sting Cake

“The measuring and mixing always smoothed out her thinking processes – nothing was as calming as creaming butter – and when the kitchen was warm from the oven overheating and the smell of baking chocolate, she took final stock of where she’d been and where she was going. Everything was fine.”
― Jennifer Crusie, Maybe This Time


So what’s for dessert? This is not something you will hear a true blood Kashmiri ask. And that’s not because we don’t like all things sweet, but because we just don’t have the tradition of serving sweets or desserts after a meal.  We eat the chocolates and the Mithai and we also do make a few sweet things like Kheer, Modur pulao ( rice cooked with nuts and sugar) and phirni. We serve the Modur pulao at the beginning of the meal ( beat that) and we make kheer on auspicious occasions as an offering to the deity. It did …