Sprouts omelet

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I love my breakfast of omelets, chai and some fresh fruits. I really can eat unlimited quantities of eggs in any form. But I love them the most as omelets. So when I had some leftover sprouts after making the spectacular brown rice and unlimited soups and salads, I used them up in an omelet. What better way to make me feel good about eating right than greens and sprouts and a wee bit of goat cheese and olive oil!

The process of making this nutritious and delicious omelet  –

Beat eggs  with a pinch of salt  –  2 or 3 eggs

Sautee some mushrooms – 2- 3 or more if you love them like I do, in some olive oil.

And then add some chopped green onions – say about 1 tbs of chopped green onions. Add in the sprouts and cook for a minute on high temp.

Then add the spinach and sauté for a bit. Once its sautéed, remove on to a plate to cool.

Now using your omelet pan , yes I said the omelet pan – there are pans and there are omelet pans. The omelet pans are like your Griddle for making Dosa  – the one on which you only cook dosa and then wash and keep it safe until next dosa time. Similarly with omelet pans, you make omelets and wash them clean and keep safe until next omelet time.

So, take out the omelet pan, heat a few drops of olive oil and then add the beaten eggs. Cook for a couple of minutes on medium heat, covered. Now add the sautéed vegetables and a tsp of goat cheese, a smidge of red chilli powder , if you will and cover again and allow to cook for another minute.

Eat with pleasure!!


I used a pinch of salt to beat eggs and no salt while sautéing vegetables. The rest of the salt comes from the goat cheese balancing out the flavor. You can however add more salt as per your taste.

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