Mango Lassi

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This recipe is dedicated to my friend Jen, who insanely loves Indian food.  It always used to make me happy to cook a meal for her, because she savors every bite and takes her time to enjoy the ingredients.

When I explained the process making a mango lassi to Jen, she could not believe it was this simple. You can make it as thick as you want or leave it slightly creamy or make it thin.  A well made mango lassi is great drink for a hot summer day or to serve with spicy appetizers. It is also a great breakfast smoothie. And a well made Mango Lassi is completely flexible. You can use Greek yogurt, a kefir drink, buttermilk and milk combo or a milk and yogurt combo. You can also add some water if a thick lassi is not your thing. The  only important thing in a mango lassi is the mango. Alfonso, is the best choice if you can find it. The next best thing I like is the tinned mango pulp available in the Indian Groceries. And then the mangoes you find in local markets in the US. I have nothing against the mangoes from other countries and in fact they have their uses in salads and as a fruit. But for the mango lassi, there is just that element of making it perfect and that comes only with the Alfonso mango.

Equipment Needed:

A blender

Ingredients :-

2 cups plain yogurt [ use low fat , vanilla or regular ]

1 cup Alfonso mango pulp / 2 C chopped Alfonso mangoes

A pinch of green cardamom powder

1 cup water/ milk

Sugar if needed.

A few cubes of ice


Whisk/blend the liquids ( water/ milk and yogurt), ice  and the mango together until smooth.

Add in the cardamom and sugar (if using)

Mix and serve.

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