Coconut Avocado Popsicles

Right off the bat let me answer why I came up with yet another Coconut Avocado Popsicles recipe when there are possibly a million of them already on the internet. The Coconut Brown Sugar in these avocado popsicles will make you swoon! In addition to being paleo approved in moderation, coconut brown sugar has a unique flavor profile that just goes with the coconut milk and the avocados. I have been making the Paletas De Aguacate Y Coco for many years now. I first found the recipe on my friend Yvette’s blog. It was like I had hit the jackpot! …

Aam Panna Popsicle

green mango popsicles with aleppo peppers and mint

aam panna is a refreshing green mango drink. It has a smoky, tangy, refreshing flavor and is also good for cooling the body. Roasting the green mangoes on fire brings out a smoky flavor.

Dulce De Leche Mango Kulfi

Dulce de Leche Mango Kulfi

    This recipe for Dulce de Leche Mango kulfi was born out of laziness. I will explain that in a bit. The world knows kulfi as the Indian Ice cream.  Creamy, with a hint of caramel flavors, some nuttiness and frozen rock solid. It is everything one would dream of eating on particularly hot afternoons in India. Although I must admit the thought of actually making it from scratch gives me a pause. Is kulfi like an ice-cream or a gelato? I am afraid it is neither. It does not have eggs, which ice creams usually have, and it …

Cranberry Panna Cotta

Cranberry Panna Cotta

Have you ever had times when you try out a recipe and it fails? Like F*A*I*L*S ! And then you just give up after the first try because you couldn’t be bothered?  For me it was the panna cotta. Not this lightly spiced, Cranberry Panna Cotta. But a different one. When I first tried my hands on a  panna cotta recipe  years ago, the cream and the milk separated while setting. The gelatin had not done it’s magic. And the  whole thing didn’t even remotely taste like what it should have.  I drowned it all into the kitchen sink, including …

Yuzu Cheesecake

Yuzu Cheesecake

Sometimes your best laid plans do not come to fruition. I had great ideas for this Yuzu Cheesecake to make it New year party worthy, But work got in the way and I barely had any time left to bake the cake, chill it completely and then decorate. So here we are with a plain looking yuzu cheesecake that tastes divine but has not been glazed yet. I have been making the yuzu cheesecake for a while now. It’s just the added punch of yuzu that takes it up a notch from a lemon cheesecake. And lemon used to be …

Almond Linzer Cookies #CreativeCookieExchange

Almond Linzer Cookies

The Linzer cookies are named after the town from where they originated, Linz in Austria.  The name, Linzer, came from Linzertorte, which is an Austrian torte/tart with a lattice top and blackcurrant jam filling. Created in the 17th century,  the Linzer Torte is the world’s oldest torte recipe.  The ingredient that distinguishes tortes is that they use nuts rather than flour as part of the main ingredient. The Linzer cookies traditionally use a raspberry jam filling.   This month our Creative Cookie Exchange  celebrated Nuts in Cookies! Because they are delightful and a tradition all over the world. And since Linzer cookies …