Cranberry Chutney Pull Apart Bread #BreadBakers

Cranberry Chutney Pull Apart Bread

I made this Cranberry Chutney Pull apart Bread as a way to use up left over cranberry chutney. I used my IndianCranberry chutney that is a bit sweet, savory and hot. And I think that’s why this bread works. If you were to make it with a regular cranberry relish or chutney, it might be too sweet. Not that that is a bad thing. But just so you know. The dough for this bread is enriched, so patience is key. It  will take a bit of time to rise. But don’t rush the process. In fact, sometimes I make the …


Pane di Genzano #BreadBakers

Pane Di Genzano

“I want my bread quickly!”, said I to the Kandur, the bread baker of our little town. Unfazed by my apparent impatience, he kept kneading his dough as though in a trance. When he was done kneading, he covered the dough with a moist cloth and addressed the trouble maker (aka me) with a lot of patience. “Making good bread takes time. You have to feel the “nabz” (pulse) of the dough and it will tell you when it is ready. There is no rushing the process because the bread always has a mind and life of its own.” He …


Potato Clover Leaf Rolls #BreadBakers

Clover leaf rolls

America really makes a world citizen out of you. I remember landing here 10 years ago and wanting nothing more than to stay connected to my roots and keep old family traditions alive. But a decade later, I celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Purim and Thanksgiving just like I celebrate Diwali, Eid and Holi. You become one with people and cultures in America. You are part of the whole and everyone else Is a part of you. We are blessed to live in a unique and loving country. Here’s wishing everyone a happy Saint Patrick’s day. I made these potato …


Brown Rice Dosa – Indian Savory Crepes #BreadBakers

Brown Rice Dosa

  Pancake is possibly a very ancient form of food. There is really no evidence where they were made first, but it seems that every culture around the world has some form of pancake in their culinary arsenal. This month, the bread baking group that I am part of embarked on a mission to serve you pancakes, crepes, blinis, dosas and what not!   I chose to introduce our favorite breakfast menu – The brown rice dosa. It’s a breeze to make a week’s worth of batter in one go. Yes there is some waiting for the batter to ferment. …


Ginger Orange Stollen #BreadBakers

  Stollen, the traditional German Christmas bread is quite a delight to eat. The bread  is filled with colorful nuts, dried fruits, candied citrus peels and enriched with eggs, butter and milk. Legend says that the Stollen, in its typical shape with the white layer of powdered sugar, symbolizes the swaddled Christ Child. In the early days, stollen breads were made as bread without milk or butter because the Catholic church did not allow the use of  these ingredients during advent.  In the mid 17th century, a papal proclamation allowed bakers to add milk and butter, resulting in a bread that is …


Roasted Red Pepper Fougasse #BreadBakers

Roasted Red Pepper Fougasse

I am back baking with my bread baking group after a long long time.  I couldn’t wait to share my Roasted Red Pepper Fougasse recipe and I had so much fun making this bread.  Thanks to Sue from A Palatable Pastime  , who chose the theme of peppers for us this month and is our host. We have  many peppery goodies for you this month, so be sure to check the blogs listed on this post for more inspirations and recipes. This recipe of roasted red pepper fougasse tastes best when made with freshly roasted peppers. I like to keep them just a …