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Jun 102011
Cantaloupe Apple Smoothie


Cantaloupe Apple Smoothie

Some summer days are hotter than others. But with fall just around the corner, the fruits of summer’s bounty are abound. To cool off sometimes one needs to think beyond icecreams and popsicles. On some days all you want is a nice glass of fresh juice, sit on your porch and read a nice book. Or spy on the neighbors. umm may be not. That won’t be nice.

What will be nice is to make an extra glass of the refreshing  Cantaloupe Apple Smoothie and bring it over to the neighbor.

Here is a short and sweet Method to make the  Cantaloupe Apple Smoothie

  • 1 C  peeled and cut cantaloupe
  • 1/4 C Apple chunks
  • Crushed ice
  • Blend everything together, pour, sip, close your eyes and let your mind take a flight!

Have a Happy Friday.

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  1. Hi Ansh… tq for ur kind comment on my blog, at Tekwan post… Nice to meet u 🙂
    This apple smootie looks amazing & fresh!
    I loves smootie, Tq for sharing the recipe! 😉

  2. I love this combination. When I had this in the morning, I want nothing else! It’s so fresh and comforting 🙂

  3. Yum. ok I omitted the honey because I made this for my infant son. I tried a bite/sip and wow, delicious! A combination that seemed so odd but is so tasty. Now I’m coming back here as I see some Indian cuisine recipes too, food my whole family (baby included) enjoys.

  4. Good Ness. That picture says pick me up.


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